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Four years ago, the QPOC (Queer People of Color) flag was designed by queerwitchqueenofcolor and I immediately fell in love with it. The design felt powerful and strong, and I loved how inclusive it was. Recently, I noticed more and more people discovering it, and while that’s not a bad thing, it also meant that the meaning of the flag was being lost. This campaign is partially because I wanted a pin of the design for myself, but also to raise awareness that the design was made by a QPOC for QPOC. In queerwitchqueenofcolor’s words:

“the mainstream LGBTQIA+ media know that we are Queer People of Color and we demand visibility. we demand the right to control our own narratives we aren’t just here to fulfill your racial quota so that you can feel good about your selves. we are sick of being marginalized and trivialized. We are sick of your rampant racism. we are sick of your constant white washing. we are sick of being silenced.. we are more than just some kinky thing that you can try once. we are more than “thugs” your “latin papis” your “spicy latinas” or any of the other shit you want us to be. we are sick of being oversexualized we are more than your “exotic little play things”. the QPOC design show cases all the skin tones of Queer people of color from the lightest (north Asians and biracial people not white people) to the darkest it also show cases the power fist used in both the Black Power and Chicano Power movements this is symbolic of the unity we all have as Queer people of Color throughout the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Pins are hard enamel and 1.5-inches in diameter, with two posts on the back. The plating is black nickel, which is a dark grey/silver rather than a true black. All pins come with black rubber backs and are backstamped with my logo. 100% of profit from the pins will be donated to the Trans Women of Color Collective

NOTE ON PIN GRADING: My pins are meant to be worn as accessories, and they are graded as such. Pins are graded in natural light and at arm’s length. Standard grade pins may have minor flaws or defects noticeable upon close inspection. These include, but are not limited to: small scratches or dents, small bubbles in the enamel, slight underfill or overfill of enamel, flecks of dust or stray glitter. There may also be flaws in the plating on the sides or back, but not on the front. Pins may also have a brushed appearance do to the polishing process. If B-grade pins are offered, the defects will be more noticeable but the pins will still be wearable.

Please note: I try to take accurate photos in neutral lighting, but due to differences in monitors, lighting, and other factors, actual color may slightly differ from what you see in the photos.

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